Day Twenty-Nine – Strossmayerovo Náměstí Station


Public transportation is always an adventure.

There seems to be a sense of community and humanity on public transportation. Not necessarily a sense of camaraderie, but for the most part your personal space is respected. If it’s rush hour then of course all bets are off, and even your lap isn’t your own, but for the most part everyone is there for one purpose and doesn’t want to be disturbed and will respect that about others.

The later in the day it gets, or earlier depending on the night, can end up being a little dicey as well. Waking up at 4 a.m. to take the first regular tram of the day, you’ll see an interesting mix. Whether it’s those on their way to work, just trying to start their routine with some semblance of peace, or those coming back from the clubs, you inevitably have great people watching.

The chants of “You don’t need the bag, you can make it one more stop!” from drunken party-goers encouraging a friend to suppress any nausea, fill the tram, as commuters check their watches and observe in distant intrigue to see the end result make for an entertaining juxtaposition.

But the best part about the early morning commute, is eventually you’ll find a spot of silence. Before the cafés open, before the craziness of the new day starts and as yesterday’s ends, there’s usually a moment to just stand and take in the beauty of this city.

Bridging the Gap

Day Fourteen – Charles Bridge, Sunrise.

Morning Glory

As cliché as sunrises may be, have you ever noticed how peaceful they are? Maybe that’s a part of the draw, the idea of getting to watch the world around you wake up and start the day.

But the best part is the blanket of calm draped over the world. As the orange and pinks break through the purple haze, you will rarely find another time quiet as silent to give you time to think.

If silence is golden, then the sun breaking over the buildings of Prague really is the golden hour.

Admittedly, that’s not really unique to Prague since the sun rises worldwide and people usually cling to sleep, but the ability to wake up and watch the sun rising over the Vltava river and the Baroque and Gothic architecture isn’t a sight you can find many other places.

This woman stood here for minutes on end, never looking away despite any drunken revelers stumbling around the streets. The only other people around were those there to appreciate the sunrise be they early morning runners, happy couples posing for wedding photos or simply those of us insane enough to wake up just to watch the eastern sky.


Day Eight – Sunrise, Old Town Square.


As far north as Prague is, sunrise during the summer is around 5 A.M., making that coveted soft light an early morning mission. Walking the length, you’ll see entourages trekking to the middle of the bridge, clearly on a mission to get that perfect shot before the crowds overwhelm the area and the light harshens with the afternoon sun.

Charles Bridge especially is populated with young doe-eyed couples, bathed in the morning glow, eyes filled with an intangible emotion. Sobriety levels differ of course, and the emotion in their eyes may or may not be tinged with the bleary-eyed effects of alcohol, but either way you’re bound to see pairs dotting the cityscape.

It’s no secret that Prague is a party destination, being home to the largest club in Central Europe, not to mention any number of other clubs or party barges. It’s a pretty large part of the tourist industry here, and most clubs here seem to close around sunrise, so the stumbling path of partygoers get to enjoy this view too.

This couple was the only pair in Old Town Square this morning and so had the luxury of taking their time to set up the pictures they wanted. Utilizing a tripod, they laughed their way through set-up and photos, occasionally pausing to people watch and simply enjoy each other’s company and conversation.