The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee

One hundred years in the future, New York City has mostly condensed into a thousand story building. Fully equipped with parks, schools, neighborhoods and every trapping of society you come to expect when you think of modern day society, just casually in one building where Central Park used to be.

The higher the floor the more wealthy you must be, and if you’ve ever seen shows about upper elite Manhattanites, you know that means drama.

The story follows five characters: Avery: the perfect girl that lives on the thousandth floor, Watt: The programming genius from down Tower, Eris: The girl who just wanted her life to stay as it was, Leda: The recovering drug addict, and Rylin: The down Tower girl just working to make ends meet. And to top off all that, it starts with one of these characters dying, but you’re left guessing as to whom.

When my friend lent me this book, she pitched it to me as reminiscent of ‘Gossip Girl’ and I’ll be damned if that wasn’t right on the money (pun entirely intended). The problem I had was one that I should’ve expected, it got a little angsty at times.

Do you know what I mean? When the main problem in a romcom is the lack of or miscommunication between two characters, and if they just got over their shit long enough to be honest and straightforward, the issue at hand likely wouldn’t even be a thing?

That ish drives me mildly insane, but I also still love many a book with that as the main crux of the story, so it’s not like I’ll judge a book poorly on that alone. Plus, it’s YA and that’s kind of the shtick of most of the genre, at some point or another.

The writing was great, and you really – or at least I really – became invested in the characters. The ending wasn’t entirely unexpected but maybe that’s because I went with my ‘Game of Thrones’ mentality when I realized one of the characters was going to die – no spoilers!!

Only $9.20 USD on Amazon for a paperback (this is one of those cases where the hard copy is cheaper than the digital copy – modern technology strikes again am I right), it’s sequel releases August 29th, 2017.

While I’m interested to see where the series goes, I won’t be rushing out to buy a hardback of ‘The Dazzling Heights’ on release day. But I’ll assuredly still be reading it.

Anne’s Review: 7/10