Day Twenty-Nine – Strossmayerovo Náměstí Station


Public transportation is always an adventure.

There seems to be a sense of community and humanity on public transportation. Not necessarily a sense of camaraderie, but for the most part your personal space is respected. If it’s rush hour then of course all bets are off, and even your lap isn’t your own, but for the most part everyone is there for one purpose and doesn’t want to be disturbed and will respect that about others.

The later in the day it gets, or earlier depending on the night, can end up being a little dicey as well. Waking up at 4 a.m. to take the first regular tram of the day, you’ll see an interesting mix. Whether it’s those on their way to work, just trying to start their routine with some semblance of peace, or those coming back from the clubs, you inevitably have great people watching.

The chants of “You don’t need the bag, you can make it one more stop!” from drunken party-goers encouraging a friend to suppress any nausea, fill the tram, as commuters check their watches and observe in distant intrigue to see the end result make for an entertaining juxtaposition.

But the best part about the early morning commute, is eventually you’ll find a spot of silence. Before the cafés open, before the craziness of the new day starts and as yesterday’s ends, there’s usually a moment to just stand and take in the beauty of this city.

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