Beer-ly Beloved

Day Twenty-Eight – Stalin Containall, Letenské Sady


Beer spills off the overflowing cup in rivulets, running down the sides of the plastic, leaving a trail of foam in its wake. As the bartender gruffly hands the drink to the bright-eyed tourist, a wave of laughter rises up from a nearby group, nicely capturing the mood of the beer garden.

In the Czech Republic, it seems that the only things open after 10 p.m. are pubs, bars, or beer gardens. Grocery stores, mini marts, restaurants, all close around then, perhaps to go partake in the merriment usually found at these late night watering holes.

The only downside to beer gardens is the number of abandoned cups you see lying around. It’s nothing that would take more than five minutes to pick up, and maybe that’s not as annoying to anyone without experience in the food service industry, but it is enough to make a busboy’s hands twitch walking past the discarded drinks.

In another world, in another time, America could develop to a point where we can establish laws like this. But considering how few places it’s legal to drink in public in America and how much garbage already litters public spaces in most major cities, that won’t happen anytime soon.

Sonnets could be written about beer gardens and open air bars; this post nearly was one. Sitting in a public greenspace, enjoying the slight tang from whatever drink the koruna at the bottom of your bag can afford is an entirely unique and peaceful experience.

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