Day Twenty-Seven – Jindřišská


Most places you walk in Prague you’re bound to see tourists. But at the heart of the city, in Nové Mesto especially, is where you’re most likely to encounter map wielding, fanny-pack wearing, honest to god tourists usually trailing flag waving and harried tour guides.

Near the junction of the city’s Metro system and main train station, Nové Mesto is the area where Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square, and really the majority of the Prague hotspots are to be found, which makes the New Town area that receives heavy foot traffic.

Over 25 million tourists go through Prague each year, a reported 27.8 million in 2015 alone. It’d be interesting to know what percentage of them are stag parties, because walking the streets, large groups of men clad in matching t-shirts do seem to be an awfully large proportion of the conglomerate.

It makes you wonder how many tourists are pick-pocketed in their time here. Prague is known for being a magical city so it makes sense that sleight of hand would be so popular, but watching the clunky vacationers walking through main squares with backpacks larger than their expectations for the city, it seems a bit like flirting with danger – or maybe only to those of us mildly paranoid travelers.

But who can blame these visitors for their traditions and methods? Prague is an amazing city to see, and if matching outfits and four maps per person are what make you happy while wandering the streets, then by all means. But don’t be surprised to be thrown dirty looks from locals for sticking out like a weathered hitchhiker’s overused thumb – a sore one.

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